Elizabeth Kromhout, MFT

What I Can Do For You

Teens see me as a confidant and mentor. They don’t see me as an authoritative adult.
I speak 16 year-old-fluently and have dedicated my career to working with adolescents and creating a space where they can contemplate their thoughts, feelings and actions out loud with no judgement or being told what to do. My goal as a psychotherapist is to help my clients become who they are independent of what their environment has told them to be while beginning to understand themselves in the process.
Parents are relieved by my ability to translate for them. I can help you understand the difference between normal phases of development and something that needs support and attention. I can also explain things to your child with you. They tend to automatically shut out parents and deem them “dumb, old, and don’t understand” when being told something they don’t want to hear.

I speak both 16 year old and adult fluently. I’m able to help both sides feel heard while helping teens and parents build a healthy interdependent relationship based on communication, mutual respect and boundaries.

Individual Therapy

50 min sessions tailored to your individual needs and goals

Family Therapy

Work on the relationship and communication between members in your family

Group Therapy

90 min weekly sessions. If individual is like the lecture, group is the lab. It’s a safe place to learn how you are perceived and practice improving how you relate with others.

Parent Coaching

I work closely with the parents of my clients and strive to help you understand the family dynamics at play and ways you can support your child.


Personal Development Institute

Dallas Teen Therapist is a Division of Personal Development Institute. Ronald Furst, PhD is the President and Founder of PDI and has been a psychotherapist and counselor for over 60 years. He trained with many of the famous analysts back in the day and specializes in seeing couples and executive level business professionals. His desire is to pass his knowledge on to the younger generation. I have consultation with him regularly in order to expand my knowledge and consistently grow as a clinician.