When you “can’t do this anymore”

When you “can’t do this anymore”

That feeling of overwhelm, sinking, black hole in your stomach, anxiety in your chest. We’ve all felt it and after awhile you may be thinking “I just can’t do this anymore.” But don’t let it stop there. Continue the thoughts to “I’ll do anything to make it go away. What can do I do that will actually help?”

Here’s what you do.

Dedicate yourself to this list for the next month.

1) Sleep 8 hours a night

2) Exercise hard 3 days a week and a walk or something less intense the other days

3) Drink a ton of water

4) Do something you enjoy every single day

5) Do something nice for someone else every single day – even just a well deserved compliment can go a long way to help you think outside of yourself

6) Meditate daily (If you don’t know how put on some headphones while you’re laying in bed and listen to headspace app)

7) Limit junk food and eat nutrient dense meals (Not eating enough can cause symptoms of depression)

8) Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol – let your stimulation levels begin to regulate themselves

9) See a therapist

10) If this doesn’t help, see a psychiatrist