The Secret Edge for Entropeneur’s and CEO’s

The Secret Edge for Entropeneur’s and CEO’s

The age of information is about over. You don’t want any more information, you want insight. Something with results. I’ll show you how to overcome your phobias and limiting beliefs and I will help you do it right here in my office. EMDR is not a typical talk therapy.


EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.


I can explain it like this:


Think of a situation where you aren’t as confident as you could be.
Maybe it’s handing in a report to your boss, giving a speech, or fear of networking.


Let that scene fill your mind.


What do you notice? Are emotions coming up? Where is it in your body?
Maybe your heart speeds up. Maybe your shoulders feel tight. Maybe it’s knot in your chest.


You will generally be able to use EMDR to completely remove the emotional and physical response and replace it with confidence.


EMDR is backed by scores of research and is
recommended by the American Psychological
Association, the US Dept of Defense and the World
Health Organization for the treatment of trauma.


What could you accomplish if you weren’t afraid


How many times have you thought to yourself:
I can’t trust anyone
It’s not safe to be vulnerable
I’m not safe unless I’m in charge
I’m a failure
I have to be perfect
I’m not good enough
I don’t belong


Think about it – How would your life and your business change if 
you were able to honestly replace those beliefs with 
something like:
I did the best I could
It’s in the past
I learned from it
I’m in control
I’m lovable
I’m a good person
I can succeed


Now you might be thinking “uhha, seriously?


Yes. Seriously. Here’s how it works:


When a disturbing even occurs, it can get 
locked in the brain with the original picture, 
sounds, thoughts, feelings and body 
sensations. EMDR stimulates the information 
and allows the brain to reprocess the 
experience. It is similar to REM or dream sleep. 
Activating both sides of the brain by simple eye 
movements helps to process the unconscious 
material. It is your own brain that will be doing 
the healing and you are the one in control.


There are no fancy electrodes or anything that’s going to physically touch you. Just simple eye movements.


When the next opportunity to advance your life and business presents itself, are you ready?


Have you optimized your life to be prepared or is that promotion or sale going to go to someone else who has?


Call me at 424.333.6660 if you’re ready to move your life to the next level.


Talk soon,


P.S. I’ve done EMDR myself and 100% gotten over my fear of events where I have to talk to big groups of people. I swear it works! If you’re ready to try it – call me 424.333.6660